Our masterblenders selected premium quality Dutch chocolate and harmoniously blended this with a full-bodied French Cabernet Sauvignon, a divine match made in heaven. ChocoVine is the perfect treat for every moment. Whether you are a dark chocolate lover or have a sweet tooth, our four different variaties are packed with flavor. Enjoy life to the fullest, invite your favorite friends, fill up your glasses and celebrate the moment.

Enjoy ChocoVine with good company!

4 great flavors


Our Classic. A perfect marriage between Dutch chocolate and French Cabernet Sauvignon. Strong full flavors with a delicate finish.


For the gourmet taste buds. This delicate chocolate and wine combination is rich, full-bodied and has a long powerful finish.

& raspberry

For the sweethearts. This unique flavor is rich and fruity. Deep tones of raspberry combined with French wine and chocolate are the perfect temptation for your sweet tooth.

& whipped cream

The perfect treat for every moment. Dutch chocolate and French wine packed with vanilla and cream. This special flavor is soft, creamy and elegant.

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